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Peace Peace!  My name is Ali.  I help Souls help themselves get to the next level!  #SpiritOverEverything

If you're new to metaphysics, spirituality and the occult or frustrated on the Path, I highly recommend you start with the WORLD FAMOUS FREE 7-Week Spiritual Growth Course. I specialize in helping new people have a strong foundation to accelerate spiritual growth.

​Thank you for following your Intuition and landing on my website. There are NO ACCIDENTS; you are here for a reason.  Next question is....why?  I look forward to serving YOU.

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April 30, 2017: Soul Glow Spiritual Retreat #2 (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee) - SOLD OUT

June 14, 2017: Get Booked Online Course (Online) More Information

June 22, 2017: Psychic Development Workshop (Online) More Information

July 6, 2017: Tehuti Numerology Course (Online) More Information​

July 22, 2017: Spiritual Business Starter Workshop (Online) More Information​

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I help Souls help themselves get to the next level. I'm a DOWN-TO-EARTH "Spiritual Teacher" who writes books, breaks down Numbers and LIVES FREELY. I can teach you how to put #SpiritOverEverything  Learn more about me here.

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You are a True Master.

BevD  host of Truth2Power on BlogTalkRadio 

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Around the time I was about to publish my book I began seeking out experts who could help me become a bestseller on Amazon. I knew there was a formula after reading several articles and speaking with one of my mentors. However, the first person I was referred to was very pricey(over $2,400!). She said her team would complete the whole process to get my book to bestseller - which meant I really wouldn't learn how to do it. I definitely was not comfortable with the price and I didn't like not knowing what they did to get the results.

The next day, a very synchronistic event happened, I was speaking with S. Ali Myers and he informed me that he wrote an Amazon bestseller and would be willing to do a consultation with me for a price that was such a deal I almost couldn't believe it. I didn't want him to change his mind so I paid immediately. And man did Ali deliver! He laid out a very thorough, step-by-step process to become a best seller. I feel very grateful & fortunate to say it worked! The first week of my launch, my book Let God Out went to bestseller status. If you are looking for coaching on how to become a bestselling author on Amazon, Ali's writing workshop will get you there! On top of that, you are not going to find anyone who will give you such a valuable service at such a reasonable price. Do yourself a favor - save time & money, learn an invaluable skill set, and work with S. Ali Myers to take your book to Amazon Bestseller status.

Eliah Wells  Bestselling Author of "Let God Out" Website:EliahWells.com

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Working with Ali gave me the tools, guidance and courage to go deeper and tap into my spiritual self, ancestors and spirit guides. My life is forever changed and I was grateful to work with someone who is both humble and honest, candid and precise.

Chef Natasha Forde  featured on ABC's The Taste and Food Network's Cut Throat Kitchen 

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I have found Deity Linkage by S. Ali Myers valuable for others to use to discover this important information. The system of identification that S. Ali Myers uses in this book, introduces the spiritual seeker on how to resonate and develop these archetypal divine forces within one's soul complex. Knowing your spiritual parents i.e., soul patterns helps you to establish a divine linkage with one's inner gods and outer gods necessary to build a power generator (Altar) to trap divine energy for the purpose of gaining the power of self knowledge. I highly recommend this valuable tool.

Magus Richard Bullard GnosisMatters.com
John Doe UI/UX Designer

There's alot I could say, but to sum up my experience with S. Ali Myers in one word: TRANSFORMATIONAL!  His approach is honest and his primary intention seeks to provide his students with tools that will accelerate enlightenment.without the fluff.  If open and willing, be prepared to grow exponentially!

Vinette C. Edge Spiritual Life Coach
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Accepting the guidance from S. Ali Myers helped change my paradigm.  I've literally catapulted into a realm where all things are possible. 

Christopher E. Huffman Mental & Emotional Healer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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