It's very simple.  If you have questions or need guidance in ANY area of your life, I can assist you.  Over the years I have worked one-on-one with Souls from all around the world and helped them help themselves on many levels.  

The most common topics that come up during my sessions are (but definitely not limited to):

  • Various spiritual blocks
  • Money problems and financial issues
  • Relationship challenges and finding true love
  • Career direction and Business opportunities
  • Life purpose, spiritual gifts and talents
  • Metaphysical/Spiritual practices
  • Spiritual parents (deities to work with)
  • Projections, predictions and other areas pertaining to personal and spiritual development


  • 30, 60 or 90-Minutes
  • Answers and Insights to ANY area of Life
  • One follow up Email (if needed)


  • 3 or 6 Months of Spiritual Mentoring (6 or 12 1-hr Sessions)
  • Customized Spiritual Mastery plan
  • Ongoing Support and Accountability
  • Priority email and text access to Ali

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No Refunds​

In their own words...

I wanted to give you some feedback.  Since I did my forgiveness ritual at my altar and made some modifications, gratitude attitude and other things, I noticed an immediate change.  I won a major issue at work.  Finances are flowing and no tension in the home.

All your suggestions helped a lot.  I am grateful for your advice and wisdom.  Thank you, Anita.

Anita B.

I first learned about Ali and his mentorship program at a time in my life where I was faced with many tough personal problems and in need of guidance and direction. Working with Ali gave me the tools, guidance and courage to go deeper and tap into my spiritual self, ancestors and spirit guides. My life is forever changed and I was grateful to work with someone who is both humble and honest, candid and precise.

Chef Natasha Forde

Accepting the guidance from S. Ali Myers helped change my paradigm. I've literally catapulted into a realm where all things are possible.

Chris Huffman

Well Master Sunyata Sarawati called me Shakti... then here along came the God S. Ali Myers... I had a session with him to see what other Gods that I can work with and I purchased his book.. All I can say is the God Ali Myers knows what he's doing and knows what he's talking about... He told me other things which I don't want to mention but all I can say is the session with him was truly on point... I've been around the block.. and I have went to many in search... so when I say God Ali knows what he's talking about he knows what he's talking about.

Wachena Woodward

There's alot I could say, but to sum up my experience with S. Ali Myers in one word: TRANSFORMATIONAL! His approach is honest and his primary intention seeks to provide his students with tools that will accelerate enlightenment.without the fluff. If open and willing, be prepared to grow exponentially!

Vinette C. Edge

Brother Ali is definitely doing what he came here to do. He has great gifts for reading and connecting with energy, and his own energy demands attention when he shares his wisdom. In my personal hour reading, I discovered a lot about myself I didn’t know, but the information resonated with me greatly when revealed by Ali. I now know, and take pride in my numerology and astrological chart. He shared my strengths and my weaknesses with me, and advised me of the best way to advance spiritually from where I was. He even helped decode my dreams, giving me several AHA moments. He also helped me better understand a past relationship that has troubled me for years, pulled tarot cards to help me see the energy around the relationship now, and advised me of ways to deal with the emotions around it now, consciously and subconsciously. This brother comes highly recommended if you seek a better understanding of your spiritual self.

Michael Cornish 

My recent session was very accurate, and the ancestors spoke to me loud and clear through Bro. Ali, letting me know I’m on the right path . I received insight on my personal, spiritual, and professional life, as well as health. I AM a happy client and I highly recommend Bro S. Ali Myers, he is truly gifted!

David Jackson

I have been on the path of enlightenment for several years now and over the years I have spoken with many spiritual advisers. When I found Ali’s website, I was extremely impressed with the amount and level of detail it provided. Although impressed, I was still a bit skeptical. I visited the site many times but would never commit to making an appointment for consultation. The urge to visit the site became greater and greater as if I was being drawn to it. One day, I made up my mind that I definitely wanted to talk to Ali. After all, what did I have to lose. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Ali’s accuracy and insight into who I am and some of the challenges that I face was amazing. He was able to tell me things about my past before I told him anything. Ali was also excellent with providing guidance around some of the challenges that I am currently experiences that I am hopeful will provide the expected results. Needless to say, I plan to work with Ali in the future as I continue on my journey of enlightenment! Thank you, Ali! Namaste!

Meta J