I have 7 guaranteed ways to STOP your spiritual mastery!  Well, maybe not stop but definitely slow down your progress.

Truth is, we never stop growing spiritually even when it appears that we are.  Why? Because our whole journey is a spiritual one.

As with all journeys, you can get to places quicker than others.  If the goal of the soul is enlightenment then you may want to avoid the following scenarios like a student loan bill collector.  (For the record, I do not promote credit delinquency.  I also don't promote college, per se.  Another lesson for another day.)

Here we go.  Please hold your applause until the end.

Want to stop your spiritual mastery?  Do as many of the following as possible!

  1. Compare your spiritual mastery to others – Should you be able to meditate or do magick like such and such?  Do you feel like you should be more like X, Y or Z?  If you are frustrated from comparisons then it's probably not helping.  View these people as role models or mentors.  Use them for inspiration and motivation or as a 'road map'.

  2. Force your views on others (especially your friends and family) – Humans do this thing when they feel like they know something.  It's called “force beliefs”. Push your views on everyone.  Hell, push dumb hard!  I'm sure they will beg for you to teach them everything you know.  Try it.  It's a great way to “lose” friends and family.

  3. Read all the books, listen to all the lectures, watch all the videos, take all the classes and don't apply any of it – There may be nothing worse than a smart dumb spiritualist or occultist.  They know everything about everything BUT not from FIRST-HAND experience.  What they really know is other people's stories about what's going on.  Sort of like a news reporter...reporting what's going on but never in the story.

  4. Lie to yourself – What's the opposite of lying to yourself and others?  Ding, ding, ding!  Honesty is the best policy – start with SELF.  I promise it will bleed over to other people.  Are you where you want to be spiritually?  Be honest!

  5. Wait until tomorrow – It seems like the most important things we have to do get put in the “to-do's for tomorrow”.  Problem is, tomorrow comes but not our ACTION.  Do what's important NOW.  This obviously goes beyond spiritual growth even though EVERYTHING is spiritual.

  6. Make your Teacher, Guide or Mentor TOTALLY responsible for YOUR personal growth – You are responsible for your own growth and cultivation. Everyone outside of you are merely guides and examples for what you can become.

  7. See yourself in the previous 6 and not do anything about it – What's worst than #5...waiting until tomorrow?  Not doing anything at all.  Sometimes your inaction is your worst move.  If you feel some type away about my list then you probably fall into the majority of them.  It's okay, someone else will take care of it (insert sarcastic emoji here).

Was my list painful?

Disagree with anything?

The beautiful thing about living a Spiritual life is there are NO rules.  Just the “rules” you deem important and pertinent to YOUR SOUL'S EVOLUTION AND PERSONAL GROWTH.

Basically, take what I say with a grain of salt.  Except if you see truth in them, then you may want to switch your approach up a bit.

In brutally honest love,


7 Ways to Stop Spiritual Mastery
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