Spiritual Mastery Accelerator

a Program dedicated to SELF-god-Realization

Do ANY of the following describe you on your spiritual path?

  • Serious about your spiritual growth but lack discipline at times?
  • Know this is YOUR path but still would like guidance and support?
  • Seeking a community of like-minded souls who are on the path to mastery?
  • Unsure of your spiritual gifts and life's calling?
  • Bouts of self-doubt, confusion and lack of motivation?

"Your soul purpose in life is to attain God-realization.  All else is useless and worthless."

- Sivananda​

Peace Peace!!  My name is, Ali.  I created the Spiritual Mastery Accelerator    to give aspiring Masters a platform to speed up growth.  I look forward to guiding you to your Highest Self! - S. Ali Myers

The Spiritual Mastery Accelerator will 

help YOU step into YOUR godhood!

The Spiritual Mastery Accelerator was created for those who are serious about their Path.  This Program is not for Dabblers.  I have worked with thousands of souls on this planet.  There are common things I repeatedly see from those who REALLY step into their power.  These common key factors are:

  • Guidance and Information from a Mentor, Master or Teacher, either virtually or in-person.
  • The right Spiritual Practices and Tools for their gifts and path.
  • An Environment and Relationships that supports them.
  • A sense of Mission and Purpose.

I can honestly say around 95% of the Souls I've seen tremendous growth from, share all of the listed factors.

The Spiritual Mastery Accelerator is a Program dedicated to providing the right framework, guidance, support, community, strategies and tools to achieve high levels of spiritual growth and empowerment without the teaching of dogmatic beliefs and doctrines.

At this point I know what works.  I also know what's not that important.  This Program was designed to put YOU in the best possible position to maximize YOUR Light. 

With the right structure and support, you can save much time and money.

This Program was specifically designed for those who "get it".  What do I mean by get it?  You know that empowerment and mastery are beyond just reading books and watching YouTube.  You know it is important to practice your craft in order to master it.  You are not seeking the next shiny object or magical elixir to enlightenment.  You are ready to do the "work" or already getting it in!


  • ​Discover YOUR true Spiritual Gifts and Abilities.
  • Know YOUR Purpose, Calling or Mission.
  • Know what Spiritual Practice is best for YOU.
  • Manifest more abundance, love and healing in YOUR life.
  • Dedicate YOURSELF to your Path.
  • Share YOUR Gifts with others and possibly make a living doing it.
  • Focus on Mastery versus information overload.
  • Manage the business of YOU with the support of OUR Community.
  • (fill in the blank) YOU will get what YOU put in!

The Spiritual Mastery Accelerator Program provides the structure you need to make it happen!

I made sure the Spiritual Mastery Accelerator was one-of-a-kind.  You will be hard pressed to find another Program for spiritual mastery with this specific system.  This Program works because it removes doubts and increases confidence and growth.  The formula is simple and proven.  The results are powerful.


Monthly Webcast

I will introduce strategies and tools for mastery on the Webcasts.  You will also be able to ask questions. Members have access to all Webcast recordings.

Monthly Target

Each month there will be a Target based on the strategy learned from the Webcast.  These group targets or challenges will help with motivation and discipline.​

Monthly Q&A Session

You will have the opportunity to ask me any questions related to your path.  These sessions are for personal guidance.  Members have access to the recordings.

Group Meditations

Each month I will lead a guided meditation that you are welcomed to participate in.  These meditations will be aimed toward prosperity, healing and love. 

 Community of Doers

As a Member, you gain access to our private Facebook Group and Member's Forum.​  These private platforms are for accountability, inspiration, motivation and fellowship.  This is the only FB group I will be active in starting August 1.

Focused Masterminds

To ensure you gain even more support, discipline and accountability, our members are grouped into small Masterminds. The Focused Mastermind Groups consist of 2-5 souls with similar gifts. 

Vault Access

24/7 access to all Live Member events.  This includes recordings of ALL Webcasts, Q&A Sessions, Meditations, Targets and Training Modules.

MasterClass Vault

Library of spiritual training videos that are practical and applicable. At least one added per month.


As a paid Member you gain access to 3 Modules.  The Modules will help you gain more self-awareness before you commit to your Spiritual Regimen.  Each Module contains Video and Text with everything you need to achieve the objective.  You have access to these Modules 24/7.

  1.  Spiritual Gifts Module: Discover, rediscover or accept your spiritual gifts.  YOU will be CRYSTAL CLEAR on YOUR gifts after completing this Module.
  2. Now Purpose Module: YOUR life is NOW! The Now Purpose Module will get you clear on what YOU should be doing now - not in 5 years or so.
  3. Spiritual Mastery Module: In order to gain greater Mastery, YOU must know what practices are right for YOU.  Clarity on YOUR regimen will be gained from this Module.

These Modules alone are worth more than the Investment!

Become a Member of the Spiritual Mastery Accelerator for the LOW INTRODUCTORY investment of $18/Month!!  Cancel anytime.

Yes, you read that correct!  I am committed to keep this Program at an affordable price.  However, the monthly investment will increase as the Vaults fill up.  LOCK IN the LOWEST POSSIBLE investment fee NOW!

I promise it's not a typo!  I'm committed to making sure everyone who's suppose to be in this Program can afford it.  I know price will NOT be an objection or barrier.  If it is, this Program is not for you.

I honestly wish I could do this Program for free.  But, I know most people need some "skin in the game" to make it pop.  The investment is priced as such to keep you committed and keep out the Dabblers and "tire kickers"!

Here's what you get for being a Member:

  • 3 Modules: Spiritual Gifts, Now Purpose & Spiritual Mastery (24/7 access)
  • Monthly Webcast (recorded)
  • Monthly Q&A (recorded)
  • Monthly Target: spiritual hacks based on the strategy of the month.  You will also have access to the Target's archives!
  • Group Meditation every Month 
  • Community of Doers: Private Member's Forum AND Facebook Group
  • Focused Mastermind: small groups of 2-5 people matched up with similar gifts for support and motivation.
  • Vault of all Recordings: 24/7 access to all recorded Webcasts, Q&A's & Meditations.  You can also review all the previous Targets.
  • MasterClass Vault: Training videos to accelerate spiritual mastery.

$18/month is the LOWEST INVESTMENT ever!  The fee will increase after the doors open and as the Vaults fill up.

Doors to the Accelerator open August 1, 2017

This is also when the monthly investment will increase.

You are locking in the LOWEST price that this Program will ever be.


Sign up TODAY and gain IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the Accelerator!  Doors officially open August 1st but the platform is ready and most features are available NOW!

Wanna sneak peek?  Watch the Founding Members Welcome Video!



  • Spiritual Gift Module
  • Now Purpose Module
  • Spiritual Mastery Module
  • Monthly Webcast
  • Monthly Q&A
  • Monthly Target
  • Group Meditation
  • Private Member's Forums
  • Focused Mastermind
  • Vault of ALL Recordings
  • MasterClass Vault (1+Videos added each month!). You gain IMMEDIATE access after you join, regardless if it's before August 1st when we open!

$198 / yearly

You will be charged $198 today then $198 every year.  Cancel anytime.



  • Spiritual Gift Module
  • Now Purpose Module
  • Spiritual Mastery Module
  • Monthly Webcast
  • Monthly Q&A
  • Monthly Target
  • Group Meditation
  • Private Member's Forums
  • Focused Mastermind
  • Vault of ALL Recordings
  • MasterClass Vault (1+Videos added each month!).  You gain IMMEDIATE access after you join, regardless if it's before August 1st when we open!

$18 / month

You will be charged $18 today then $18 every month.  Cancel anytime.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Cancel within the first 30-days and receive a FULL REFUND.  No questions asked!  This is my way of assuring that only those who are committed are a part of this Program.  I guarantee you will get more value than your low monthly investment.  Feel otherwise?  Contact us to get your money back within the first 30 days.  It's totally up to YOU!

Got Questions?  We have Answers!

When will I gain access to the Accelerator?

What if I already know my Spiritual Gifts, Purpose and best Practices?

Do I have to participate in everything?

Is the Accelerator for Beginners?

Is this Program mobile-friendly?

Why is this Program relatively inexpensive compared to others?

Why is there a monthly fee to join?

Still have questions?  Feel free to Contact me directly.