In this day and age, there are many souls who are drawn to different spiritual paths. With so many spiritual practices, disciplines, teachers, subjects and the such, one can become confused on which way to go.  The Freestyle Spiritualist actually thrives when having many choices and options though.

So, what is a Freestyle Spiritualist?  One who has a free-spirited and open-minded approach to their spirituality.  Open to all spiritual paths.  It's like a freestyle fighter.  S/he uses different styles and approaches to get the job done.

A high degree of self-awareness will determine if you are a Freestyle Spiritualist.  This path is not a choice but rather a realization and acceptance.  It's not always easy to go against the grain but does the grain really exist?  These are the thoughts of a  Freestyle Spiritualist.

When you accept who you are and what you came to earth to do, it expedites the journey.  Trips are faster when you have a map.  And, most people get lost without directions.  This analogy is akin to souls being on a path that doesn't fit them.  They usually find themselves travelling slowly and not enjoying the ride.

Signs you may be a Freestyle Spiritualist

  • ‚ÄčNon-conformist - Freestyle Spiritualists are not the most group-minded souls. Sometimes they go out of their way to not fit in a box.
  • Leadership qualities - Because you're not a conformist, you tend to create your own rules and others may follow.
  • Many interests - You may feel like every subject and path has something to teach and you love to learn.
  • Innovative - Most Freestyle Spiritualists will make anything their own including spiritual practices.  They will alter anything to fit their style and needs.
  • Not married to ideas and theories - It's hard to find a Freestyle Spiritualist totally invested to theories and ideas.  They will change their opinions about something quicker than most.
  • Not attached to labels - What's worst than being put in a box?  Putting a label on it!  Freestyle Spiritualists aren't big on labels and find them very limiting.
  • Challenges traditions - Because they don't mesh will with organized religions and rules, Freestyle Spiritualists usually challenge old ideas.  They feel like most traditions are outdated and obsolete.

I don't do labels much but I'm definitely a Freestyle Spiritualist!

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Are You a Freestyle Spiritualist?
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