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Deity Linkage Manual

The Deity Linkage Manual: How to Find Your Gods & Goddesses Using Numerology is a complete reference guide to assist in connecting with deities. Deity Linkage Manual features a unique system of Numerology that matches deities to your specific vibration or energy. The Manual includes definitive deity lists and valuable information on how to program reality through the use of personal altars. The Deity Linkage Manual will assist beginners and intrigue seasoned practitioners in working with altars and linking up with the gods!

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  • Finding Core Numbers (Numerology)
  • Deity Lists (80+ Cross Cultures)
  • Deity Profiles
  • Altar Offerings, Prayers & Tips
  • Communication Exercise
  • And MORE!!

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#1 bestseller in numerology 6.28.15

Deity Linkage hit #1 Bestseller in Numerology category on 6/28/15!

Deity Linkage hit #1 Bestseller in Tribal & Ethnic Religion category on 6/28/15!

Available on Amazon

Amazon Reviews of Deity Linkage Manual

Magus Richard D. Bullard

I have found Deity Linkage by S. Ali Myers valuable for others to use to discover this important information. The system of identification that S. Ali Myers uses in this book, introduces the spiritual seeker on how to resonate and develop these archetypal divine forces within one's soul complex. Knowing your spiritual parents i.e., soul patterns helps you to establish a divine linkage with one's inner gods and outer gods necessary to build a power generator (Altar) to trap divine energy for the purpose of gaining the power of self knowledge. I highly recommend this valuable tool.

This is THE BEST Metaphysical book that i have read. This book should be required reading for all new parents so that they can help guide there kids into discovering there destiny from an early age.

V. Mac 
Amazon Customer

I am new to metaphysics and spiritual matters in general but have been watching Mr. Myers Youtube videos for a few months now and something drew me to this book. I have barely put the book down since it arrived and have I found it easy to read, informative and straight to the point. The list of deities mentioned in this book are diverse and include Egyptian, Yoruba, Buddhist, Asian, Nordic, Celtic, Roman, Greek, Hindu, Mesopotamian and Aztec gods and goddesses. In addition to finding the right deities for you through numerology, the book delves into how to set up an altar, offerings, suggested prayers and rituals, a meditation to talk to your deities and a Q&A on a number of questions and issues related to working with deities. I personally really enjoyed reading about Mr. Myers suggestion that you pray to the gods out of thankfulness not need, which is a really great concept. This book is outstanding and I highly recommend it to anybody.

Amazon Customer  

This book is clear and too the point. The book confirmed and cleared up some of my questions. I have put into practice and have seen things manifested. Peace and blessings.

Kerry Kennedy 
Amazon Customer
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