Do you feel like you are being drawn down many spiritual paths?  Are you having a difficult time sticking with a particular metaphysical or occult subject or discipline? Feeling scattered on your path to spiritual mastery?  If so, this content should help you gain clarity on your spiritual path.

First, what is a spiritual path?  Simply put, it's a path or practice that helps you become more spiritual.  A spiritual path is one that leads you deeper into yourself.  It teaches you that there is more to life than what the naked eye perceives.​

With this working definition, we must accept that there are literally as many paths as there are souls.  Every soul is on its path.  Every person is being led down a specific "set of dots".  We all have reasons for being on earth and your path will face you with these​ "reasons".  High self-awareness is the best tool to know if you are in the "right place".

4 reasons why you may be drawn to many spiritual paths

  • Past lives - The easiest things for you to tap into are those that you already mastered or practiced in past lives.
  • Listening and following others - Are you comparing yourself to others?  Many times we allow others to dictate what we should be doing if we are in the crowd watching their game too much.
  • Distracting you from your true path - Are you staying busy with things to avoid doing what you know you should be doing?  Sometimes we allow distractions to thwart us away from our highest potential.
  • On purpose - Maybe you are supposed to be on several paths at the same time. Your path may be to merge several different disciplines of study and practice.

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Are You Being Drawn to Many Spiritual Paths?
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