Do you want to discover your life purpose?  Searching for more meaning and fulfillment in life?  Ready to answer your life's calling?  In this article you will learn the four questions to discover your purpose.  And, you may not even need all four!

Since man has been on earth, I believe sh/e has pondered existence.  Why am I on this earth at this particular time with this set of skills, interests and resources?  I believe we have always searched for meaning.  But, have we ever found the answers we were looking for?

Yes, man has discovered meaning in life but it's been on an individual scale.  We all have a particular role we play in society but very few find that perfect fit that brings joy to the soul and heart.  There's a huge difference between existing to get by and existing to live.  If you're just getting by, going through the motions then you're probably not too happy with life.  If you're doing something you love and feel passionate about then you probably enjoy your life.  

The definition of purpose will help you invoke more of it into your life.  Purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.  So, purpose can be looked at as something that brings fulfillment.  The key to finding your purpose today is to view it in the present.  Not, what you will do in the future.  But, what you can do NOW.

In my latest book, Now Purpose Manual: How to Find Your Life's Calling Today (available on Amazon & EL9SHOP), I made sure to program the book in a language that sparks immediate action.  It's important to view your purpose in the present or you will more than likely always put it on the back-burner or keep planning for it in the future. 

Please remain in the present as you answer the four questions to discover your purpose.  These questions will not help you in the future as much as they will now.  Force yourself to see what is right in front of you.  The future is now.  Train yourself to view it as such.

Four Questions to Discover Your Purpose

Once again, your purpose is now.  This is why I call it now purpose as opposed to life purpose.  Answering the following questions in the present-tense will lead you right to what you can do today to find more meaning and fulfillment in life.  This I guarantee!

​The following questions are taken from my book, Now Purpose Manual.  I refer to these questions collectively as the Lights of Awareness.  The Lights of Awareness are the hidden motives that play in the background of our thoughts.  They are the reasons we do or refrain from doing something.  Bringing them into the "light" will help you know what you should be doing now.

Question #1

What am I currently doing that I want to do more?

examples: working out, making money, dating, meditating, etc.​

Question #2

What am I currently doing that I want to do less?

examples: ​working overtime, drinking coffee, smoking, cursing, etc.

Question #3

What am I currently doing that I want to stop completely?

examples: drinking alcohol, cursing, cheating, lying, etc.

Question #4

What do I want to start doing?

examples: altar work, learning about a subject, travelling, start a business, etc.​

After you honestly answer each question, see which response sticks out to you.  Which one pulls on​ your heart the most?  That's your purpose right now.  It's as simple as that!

​Your answers will be unique to you.  Why?  Because it's all about you find more meaning and purpose in life.  Therefore, only you can validate, confirm and judge if you're heading in the right direction.

For the complete step-by-step instructions for finding your purpose, I recommend​ my book, Now Purpose Manual: How to Find Your Life's Calling Today.  You can purchase your copy on Amazon or my online store, EL9SHOP.COM.  You may also schedule a private 1-on-1 consultation with myself to explore more possibilities.  


Four Questions to Discover Your Purpose
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