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Next Up: Psychic Development

Welcome to my new MasterClass!  Every other week there will be a new ONLINE MasterClass that anyone can join. The MasterClass is for Souls who want to Master Spirituality and become SELF-god-Realized.

The MasterClass is perfect for Souls who want a hands-on and personal approach to spiritual growth.  After each Class you will have everything you need to evolve in the focused subject.  The MasterClasses are designed and taught to accelerate spiritual mastery and SELF-god-Realization.

Each MasterClass will cover at least one of the following areas:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Spiritual & Occult Practices
  • Spiritual Business & Entrepreneurship

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  With S. Ali Myers

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It’s happening Thursday
(June 15th) at...

at 7PM (EST) for 2 Hours

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What You'll Learn in this MasterClass:

  1. How to Meditate to increase Intuition & advance Scrying techniques.
  2. Herbs, Supplements and Crystals to uplevel psychic abilities.
  3. Step-by-step techniques to increase 3rd eye activity.
  4. ​How to differentiate between your Ego and Spirit
  5. How to increase signs, synchronicities and psychic downloads.
  6. Dreamwork and Intuition game-changer & More!

Words from others who have taken online classes with me...

"As a beginner student of metaphysical principles and practices, this class laid out the foundations to help me overstand what I needed to do to increase my intuitive/psychic abilities. It's broken down in the most simplest basic way that ANYONE at ANY Level can grasp and comprehend. The class was extremely informative and interactive. I highly recommend it to beginners and/or anyone struggling with road blocks in their spiritual growth. What I spent on this class was nothing in comparison to the amount of Jewels I received. It was well worth every penny and then some. I look forward to taking more classes from you. As always, you have once again exceeded my expectations. Thank you!" - Amanda Broussard / Lafayette, LA

"Thank you for the very wonderful workshop! If you are like me a beginner in spiritual work but are really interested and want to empower yourself to take the next step in your spiritual development never hesitate to take this workshop by S. Ali Myers. It is informative, practical and full of techniques you can use right away. I really appreciate the meaningful work and the attentiveness to the class. Peace and love from Sweden" - Gloria / Sweden

"Excellent, excellent, excellent workshop. Thank you Ali for this wonderful workshop. It was fun and I learned so much." - Cesar Arzu / New York​

"It was very informative and provided enough information to inspire further research and personal evolution. My childhood friend happened to be visiting me at the time and listened into the workshop. She expressed so much gratitude for being able to listen in and learn so much. She was excited to learn more on her own and said this workshop was just what she needed, having recently "woken up." I would recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to overstand how to tune in more to spirit." - Stacey S. / Fulton, MD

"The class was very informative. It was well organized and structured. I feel my knowledge increased after taking this class. Definitely upped my intuitive skills." - Ovia Foreman / Edmond, OK

"Bro. Ali, It was a great class I was able to confirm what I have been practicing and learned a new perspective on engaging Spirit. I enjoyed the class because your teaching style was down-to-earth, clear and to the point. Thank you for providing a space to get information to elevate our soul. Peace and Blessing" - Myk El / Philadelphia, PA

"First of all, this was my first time to attend your meeting. I found it very professionally organized and your teachings were straight to the point. I learned a lot from that meeting and it was an exciting moment for me and good experience to be with people who are on the same spiritual path as me. Another thing I would say is that your teaching was practical, that makes it easier for us to take it from there. Peace and Harmony." - Queen M. / Toronto Canada

"When the student is ready the teacher will appear” is by far one of the most prominent and beneficial phrases I’ve heard in the conscious community. S. Ali Myers is truly a Master Teacher in his own way. The Universe gives you the right teacher you need and I don’t know if there is anyone else that breaks things down the way he does to make you overstand." - Wynette H. / Atlanta, GA

"I’m very proud to have taken this course with S. Ali Myers! I can’t wait to learn more from the Great Master. Peace and Love Family!" - Adrienne B. / Louisiana