Ali's Model for Spiritual Growth is PERFECT for BEGINNERS or anyone looking to grow spiritually

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Ali's Model for Spiritual Growth

A STRONG FOUNDATION is KEY to true SPIRITUAL GROWTH!  Many people on the path are lost and not growing because they do not have a true foundation that includes an actual practice or something to do.

​This page serves as an easy to overstand reference guide.  I made sure to keep it as short as possible (even though it seems long).  There are links and references to go even deeper.

The Model​ that I recommend is perfect for anyone including beginners.  I promise you, if applied, you will be "further along" than people who've been studying for years or even decades!


My video outlining the Model...

Ali's Model for Spiritual Growth


Universal Laws





Altar Work​



Spiritual Tools



universal laws
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Universal means to affect all.  These "laws" show you how reality functions.  You live in a universe so you may as well know its laws!​

Basic Overview

It's commonly accepted that the 7 Universal Laws was given to us from the Kemetic god, Tehuti or Thoth.​  These 7 Laws were compiled in a text known as, The Kybalion, written by three initiates.  

The popular movie, The Secret, ​attempted to show how these Laws operate.  Essentially, you attract what you think (Mentalism) and vibrate with. 

Tip: See how each one directly impacts your life.  See yourself in them.

"The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding." - The Kybalion

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  • Mentalism - Everything is mental; Thoughts = Things; ​Things = Thoughts; Mind over Matter; ALL is consciousness - Example: You can NOT do anything without the thought of doing it first. These thoughts can be conscious (aware) or unconscious (unaware).
  • Correspondence - As above, so below; As below, so above; Everything has a correspondence or related thing; Micro of the macro - Example: Known fact that when there is a full moon, there are more emergency room visits, police calls, and children disruptions in school. Lunatic has the word lunar (moon) in it for a reason.
  • Vibration - Everything moves; Nothing rests; Frequency; The "vibes" - Example: When you are in a "good" mood, you're vibration is usually high. Low vibes when sad or depressed.
  • Polarity - Everything has its opposite pole; Opposites are the same just different in degree; All truths are but half truths (perspective); Man/Woman - Example: hot/cold, wet/dry, up/down - Where does hot begin and cold in?  Where does up start and down end?  All deals with perspectives. 
  • Rhythm - Everything flows; All things rise and fall; What goes up, most come down; There's a season for everything; Pendulum swing - Example: You can determine the seasons with a calendar because of the specific rhythm of temperature.
  • Cause & Effect - Everything has a cause; There are many planes of causation (dimensions); Karma; Reap what you sow; Every action has an equal and opposite reaction - Example: Increased intuition is the effect of meditation (cause).
  • Gender - Everything has its masculine and feminine principle; Gender manifests in all things;   Yin /Yang - Example: An atom which is the basic building block of physical life has an electron (feminine) & proton (masculine) in it.

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Because chakras correspond to our thoughts​ (see Law of Mentalism above).  You can not stop thinking so it's best to know how your thoughts manifest.

Basic Overview​

Chakras are points of major energy in the body.  There are 7 MAIN energy points or hubs.  These energy centers are well known in many cultures and even scientifically proven, for what it's worth.

Each chakra corresponds to thoughts.  If these conscious and subconscious thoughts are not balanced and healthy, this causes the chakra to be imbalanced (spinning too fast or slow).​

Chakras have other correspondences (glands, colors, , as well but the first initial spark is thought. Thought produces emotion and an E-motion is energy in motion.​ 

Tip: Look at the Universal Laws like it's the 7 Levels of Thought.  See where your common thoughts fall under.

Thoughts concerning...​

  • Root (red) - physical safety, survival, financial security, home life and family
  • Sacral (orange) - desires, relationships, physical creations
  • Solar Plexus (yellow) - personal power, ego, self-esteem
  • Heart (green) - love, forgiveness, compassion, feelings
  • Throat (blue) - self-expression, communication, choices
  • Brow / 3rd Eye (indigo) - unseen forces, spiritual truths, metaphysics (beyond the physical)
  • Crown (violet) - connection to ALL

More Information

  • Read "Easy to Understand Chakras and Descriptions" by S. Ali Myers (
  • Book "Anatomy of the Spirit" by Caroline Myss (
  • Watch "Light, Chakras, and Auras" by S. Ali Myers (


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Numerology is similar to Astrology in it helps you discover gifts, life lessons, purpose, desires, urges and more.  Know thyself!


​Numerology is the science of number vibrations.  Every person, place, and thing can be translated to numbers.  The Universe itself is a series of equations and mathematical constructs.

Though Numerology uses numbers, it is NOT math.  You use simple addition to come up with your core numbers.  Each core number's vibration corresponds to various​ meanings.

There are 3 numbers you can derive from the name and 3 numbers you get from your birth date. This makes up a total of 6 numbers.  These six numbers make up your numerology blueprint.

​Let's singly show each number, what it means and how to get it.

Note: Master Numbers (11, 22, 33) were intentionally not added.  I think it's important to know the basics first (1-9).​

​Birth Date Numbers

Example Date of Birth: 2/13/1980

Life Path Number (MM/DD/YYYY)

Add up the complete birth date and reduce down to a single digit. Life Path Number reveals the general ups and downs in your life; flow of life.

Example: 2/13/1980 becomes 2+1+3+1+9+8+0=24 then 2+4=6

Our example 2/13/1980 Life Path Number is 6

Gift Number (DD)

Taken from the number day you were born on. This shows your special gifts and talents.

Example: 2/13/1980 becomes 1+3=4

Our example 2/13/1980 Special Gift Number is 4

Attitude Number (MM/DD)

Add up the month and day you were born. This number shows your attitude and outward personality (similar to Personality Number from name consonants).

Example: 2/13/1980 becomes 2+1+3=6

Our example 2/13/1980 Attitude Number is 6

chaldean numerology chart

​Name Numbers

Example Name: Mary Yolanda Mayer

Expression number (Full name)

Full birth name as printed on birth certificate…..Reveals how you generally express yourself.

Simply convert each letter in your full name (see chart above), add it up, then reduce to a single digit. M(4), A(1), R(2), Y(1), Y(1), O(7), L(3), A(1), N(5), D(4), A(1), M(4), A(1), Y(1), E(5), R(2)

Mary Yolanda Mayer = 4+1+2+1+1+7+3+1+5+4+1+1+5+2=42 then 4+2=6

Our example Mary Yolanda Mayer‘s Expression Number is 6

Soul Urge Number (Vowels)

Add up vowels in the full birth name……Reveals your innermost desires; what your soul is attracted to. Also known as Heart's Desire Number.

Simply convert each vowel in the full name, add it up, then reduce to a single digit.

Example name: Mary Yolanda Mayer = 1+1+7+1+1+1+1+5=18 then 1+8=9

Our example Mary Yolanda Mayer’s Soul Urge Number is 9

Note: Y as a vowel or consonant rule - the letter y is a consonant when it is the first letter of a syllable that has more than one letter. If y is anywhere else in the syllable, it is a vowel. Y is also a vowel when it is the only letter in a syllable or sounds like a vowel. (Taken from my book, "Deity Linkage Manual: How to Find Your Gods & Goddesses Using Numerology")

Personality Number (Consonants)

Add up consonants in the full birth name…….Reveals your outward personality; how you deal with others on a surface level, not your “real” self.

Simply convert each consonant in the full name, add it up, then reduce to a single digit.

Example name: Mary Yolanda Mayer = 4+2+1+3+5+4+4+2=25 then 2+5=7

Our example Mary Yolanda Mayer’s Personality Number is 7

Number Keywords

  1. ​leader, masculine, independence, beginnings, originality
  2. partnership, cooperation, intuition, emotional, choices
  3. expansion, speaking, motivation, fun, child-like
  4. student, teacher, home, information, rebellious
  5. creativity, leadership, adventure, boredom, communication
  6. health, nurturing, service, harmony, guidance
  7. psychic, meditation, investigation, spirituality, questioning
  8. corporate, business, money, balance, manifesting
  9. humanitarian, endings, counselor, aggression, sports

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​Remember Law of Mentalism?  Meditation helps you discern your thoughts and control them, to a great extent.  If thoughts are things, it's imperative to know HOW to think.


Meditation literally means "to ponder".  The question is, what are you pondering or thinking about? The natural process of meditation helps you raise the vibration of your thoughts.​

How do you meditate?  There are literally dozens, if not hundreds of ways to meditate.  I will give you a super simple meditation that any beginner can do.​  I suggest that you check out the more information section below or search for different meditations on your own.  Google is your friend!

After you find a meditation technique that works for you, make sure to practice religiously.  I recommend at least 15 minutes per day of meditation.  You may go much longer if your time allows.  

Meditating everyday keeps the EGO at bay!

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First, let's lay out some important tips:

  • ​you can lay down, sit in a chair or sit in a lotus position or crossed leg
  • keep your back as straight or flat as possible
  • practice meditating in the dark
  • play nature sounds or meditation tones (binaural beats & isochronic tones) with headphones to minimize "brain chatter"

Step #1 - Close your eyes and take deep breaths.  Breathe SLOWLY in through your nostrils filling the air in your abdomen.  Hold for a few seconds and exhale SLOWLY out your mouth. 

Step #2 - ​Repeat slow breaths while relaxing your body.  Slowly relax and make "soft" any parts of your body that seem tense or tight.

Step #3 - Once relaxed, continue slow deep breaths and imagine that you see a sun in the far distance in your Mind's Eye (imagination or image nation).​

Step #4 - Slowly travel closer to this sun.  See it get brighter and brighter as you approach.​

Step #5 - When you are at a comfortable distance to the sun, stay there and just gaze at it.​

You will have many thoughts that come to your mind.  If a thought is low vibratory or mundane, simply dismiss it from your awareness by imagining you are hitting a delete button.  The clearer and realer the better.

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oshun altar


​An ancestor altar is a great way to help your ancestors then they can help you.  The altar for the gods increases spiritual insight and power.  It's your duty to take care of the ancestors and your birthright to be a living god.


​An altar is a gateway or portal to the Spirit World, which there are different levels.  Our ancestors, many times dwell in what we could call lower worlds.  In these "worlds" they require our assistance. The altar serves as a place to render such help in the form of prayers or word spoken, offerings, and ancestor money.

The deities (gods and goddesses) are the beings that created your soul.  Your soul is not the same as your Spirit.  Your Spirit is the part of you that never leaves the Creator.  The soul can take physical form over and over.

Since you are a child of a god or more, this makes you a living god.  This concept is not common in the West but if you study Kemetic (Egyptian) history, you'll see that the pharaohs accepted their Divinity.  We are slowly awakening to our god power and the role of the altar thanks to Master Teachers like, Dr. Mitchell Gibson, Bobby Hemmitt, Brother Panic​ and myself.

Much of my work the past couple years has been on increasing altar work awareness.  Check the more information section to links that are gold for altar work.

More Information

Deity Linkage Manual: How to Find Your Gods & Goddesses Using Numerology

A Comprehensive reference guide to find deities to begin altar work




In addition to altar work, practicing magick helps you program your reality and grow spiritually. There are rituals you can do for any situation or problem.


​Magick simply means making something go (disappear) or manifest (appear).  It is our birthright to be magical beings.  Humans create or invent things all the time!  For example, getting dress is magical.  You started with a nude body and random pieces of clothing that you put together and put on.  Viola! 

When it comes to doing magick, I recommend doing rituals.  A ritual is defined as a practice or something you do repeatedly.  Taking showers is a ritual or practice most people do.  Going to work, church, or school is a ritual.​  Eating is a ritual.  You see?

For beginners, I recommend easy and simple rituals.  Believe it or not, regular visualization is a powerful ritual.  Add candles, crystals, medallions and/or other Spiritual Tools, and you have yourself potent practice.

I will outline a simple visualization ritual you can do.  In the More Information section there are links that will show you other magickal rituals that are easy enough for a child to perform.​

Simple Visualization Ritual

Do on a regular basis, daily or a few times a week for at least 5 minutes.  You may hold a crystal or two, burn incenses, and/or light a candle.

  1. What do you want to manifest or remove from your life?  Is it losing weight?  Get more money?​  Become more psychic and intuitive?  Tip: At first, start small.  Gain confidence and focus on doing regularly.
  2. Write down your goal.  In great detail, write down what you want.  Try not to focus on the how but more so the what.  Be realistic and have fun!  Tip: You can write down your goal once or every time you do the visualization ritual.
  3. Get relaxed.  Take a few deep breaths and focus on happiness, love or joy...any high emotion.
  4. Visualize what you want.  The key to imagining your goal is to see it as clear as possible.  Smell it.  Taste it.  Feel it.  Hear it.  Engage your complete being into it.

More Simple Magick

  • ​Candle magick
  • Sigils
  • Crystal grids

More Information



photo credit: Angels of Sanctification Medallion ( 


​Why do you have a hammer?  Do you drive a car or ride the bus?  Had a cooked meal lately?  Truth of the matter is we use tools EVERYDAY.  Why not up your game with spiritual tools?


​A spiritual tool is any thing that helps you connect spiritually or do spiritual work like magick, healing, clearing etc.  Tools range from simple and inexpensive to complex and top dollar.

There are spiritual tools for almost everything!  For the sake of keeping the Ali's Model for Spiritual Growth as short as possible, I will outline various tools with a brief description in addition to links and/or places to buy (if available).  Most spiritual tools can be found online (ebay, amazon) or local metaphysical shops.

Spiritual growth is basically guaranteed with the right tools and practices (meditation & altar work). Just like we mentioned in the Meditation section, there are numerous spiritual tools available to us, too.  ​The key is to choose what resonates with you.  What are you guided to?

List of Spiritual Tools

Crystals & Stones - use on chakra points, carry on person, magical properties (EL9SHOP.COM)

Healing Pendulums (Mer-Isis Pendulum) - Use for healing minor ailments by holding and focusing on the issue and/or person​. (

Medallions - protection, healing, prosperity, ​intuition etc. (

Miracle Prayer aka Ana Bekoach - Though not a thing, it's a powerful tool.  Try to memorize and say daily.  (​

Oracle Cards - divination purposes, get answer​s to questions.

Sage - Great for cleansing spaces and things of ​stagnate or low energy.

Blessed Stones - ​Charged crystals by Ali for protection, money, blessings etc. (EL9SHOP.COM)

Talismans - Objects with magickal properties for healing, abundance, protection etc. (​

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