In this article you will learn about what a spiritual gift is.  You will also find out what the three main spiritual gifts are.  Chances are you have at least one.

​No matter where you are on your spiritual path or journey, you possess at least one gift.  How is this so?  Because you have a spirit and we are all connected.  This connection is like a giant puzzle where every being has a piece.  Your job is to know your piece of the puzzle (gift) so you can share it with the others.

But, first.

What is a Spiritual Gift?​

A gift, in general, is defined as a natural talent, skill or ability you have.​  It comes to you relatively easy.  A gift is something you innately possess on one level or another.  This does NOT mean it's effortless or easy to master, even though it can be.  Your gift is just something you do easier than other things.

Some examples of what can be perceived as gifts are athleticism, mathematically inclined, mechanical, articulate, fashionable, artistic, musical and so on.  Once again, every gift will have variant levels of mastery and abilities.

Now that you know what a gift is, in general, let's see what makes it a spiritual one.​  It's pretty much in the name.

A spiritual gift is something you do that helps others grow spiritually.  A spiritual gift has a metaphysical or occult feel to it.  The gift's purpose goes beyond humanity as far as becoming more aware of something greater than the ego.​

Identifying your spiritual gift is a result of having high self-awareness.  You must know yourself to know who you are or not.  This awareness when viewed through spiritual lenses will reveal to you your innate gift and power.​

Main Spiritual Gifts

Essentially there are 3 main spiritual gifts.  No matter what your talent, skill or abilities are, it will come down to one of the gifts.  The key is giving.  Are you sharing your gift with others?  Does it have a spiritual, metaphysical or occult feel to it?  Then it will fall under one of the main gifts.

The three main spiritual gifts are counseling, healing and teaching.​  Each gift has MANY paths, disciplines and subject-matter.

Counseling - A counselor is someone who helps people deal with issues in life.  Counselors normally work with people one-on-one.  Some examples of counselors are life coaches, mediums, astrologers, numerologists, tarot or oracle readers, palmists, etc.

Healing - A healer is someone who helps lessen suffering and pain.  Healers typically have a modality or procedure they use to facilitate such healing.  Some examples of healers are holistic nutritionists, herbalists, magicians, massage therapists, crystal therapists, jewelry makers, etc.

Teaching - ​A teacher is a person who shares information or instructions to one or more people.  Teachers usually have an area of expertise.  Some example subjects that may be taught by teachers are numerology, divination, intuition, magick, crystals, ancient philosophies, alchemy, parapsychology, etc.

Remember, the whole point of a gift is to share.  The key is to share your gift with others and help them grow spiritually, in one way or another.  Who could benefit from your gift? Start sharing!​

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What is a Spiritual Gift?
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