​Welcome to my website!  My name is Ali and I'm a cool and DOWN-TO-EARTH Spiritual Teacher.

First off, CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to raise your vibration and grow spiritually!  How do I know you are ready for growth?  You landed on my site and are reading this!

My mission is to make spiritual development easy and practical.  I do my best to break things down in an easy-to-understand manner (at least this is what many people say).​

There are NO accidents or coincidences...just a series of events that lead us to our DESTINY!

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Let's define spiritual growth...

Spiritual growth is the evolution of the True Self.  Your True Self is not human but, uses its form to explore reality.  So, you think and do things while in human form that cultivate your True Self.

Next are step-by-step instructions to maximize your spiritual growth and take advantage of what I offer.  My intention is to provide this information with an approach that is extremely easy-to-follow!

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Are you TOTALLY new to Spirituality and Metaphysics? ​

​Believe it or not, you are in prime position if your a total newbie to spiritual development and metaphysics.  Why?  Because you are not all over the place with all the information out there (just ask anyone who's been studying for years).

If you are totally new to Spirituality and Metaphysics, I suggest you do two things right NOW:

Meditate everyday for at least 15 minutes & get your Ancestor Altar up and running.​

I also recommend you get your Numerology chart done so you can study YOU.  Numerology is a great science for self-knowledge.  It's pretty simple to do, too.

To make things super easy for you, I listed some great resources for meditation, altar work and Numerology (beginner-friendly).


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Altar Work:


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I appreciate you!  No matter how much you've gained from my work, I'm glad to play a part in your spiritual evolution.  I will leave you with this advice.....Your best chance to grow spiritually is by being ACTIVE on your path.  Please do not fall victim to the know-it-all-but-don't-apply-it person.

One Love to ALL!

-- Ali