Spirituality is a very broad and encompassing term.  You can also view spirituality, metaphysics, esoteric, mysticism and the occult as one in the same thing -- dealing with the unseen reality; non-physical.  With spirituality being a general term it can be somewhat confusing to know what the different paths are.  Or, which paths to travel.

In this article, you will learn what makes up the major spiritual paths.  You can view each path as a major subject.  These major spiritual paths or subjects contain MANY practices.  The practices will vary but still fall under one of the main "umbrellas" or subjects.  I refer to the major subjects as the Ninefold Path to Spiritual Mastery.  

Ninefold Path to Spiritual Mastery

Everything pertaining to spirituality, metaphysics and the occult can be mastered.  This is what I call spiritual mastery -- expertise in a spiritual path, subject or area.  However, there are only about 9 major spiritual paths.  The Ninefold Path to Spiritual Mastery illustrates the major metaphysical subjects.  Each major path has many practices and disciplines under them.  Remember, each practice can be mastered.

In the Mastering Spiritual Mastery Module, I cover each path in depth.  There are 14 lessons in the Module.  ​For more information make sure to check out the Spiritual Mastery Accelerator Program.

Let's take a look at each major path including a brief description and example practices.



A spiritual gift is something you do naturally that helps others grow spiritually.

Practices: counseling, healing, teaching

More Information: What is a Spiritual Gift? & How to Find Your Spiritual Gifts MasterClass (The live MasterClass is on 9/3/2017 or click here for the recording)



Divination is the ability to get knowledge by supernatural means.

Practices: numerology, astrology, spirit communication, tarot, dream work, etc.



The state of being aware; perception.

Practices: meditation (still or moving) and anything dealing with expanding your consciousness

More Information: Psychic Development MasterClass (recording) 



The ability to manipulate reality.

Practices: visualization, candle magick, sigils, incantations, affirmations, magick spells, etc.



Dedication and allegiance to a person or thing.

Practices: altar work, praying, mantras, etc.

More Information: How to Setup an Ancestor Altar and Give Offerings & Altar Magick MasterClass (recording)



The time or attention to acquire knowledge on a subject.

Practices: research pertaining to your path or researching anything dealing with spirituality, metaphysics and the occult.



The process of nourishing through food or health.

Practices: fasting, dietary choices, herbs, etc. 



Principles or standards of behavior; moral code.

Practices: Acting out of love, courage, empathy, justice, kindness, etc.



A gift or payment to a common fund; a part played by a person to bring about a certain result.

Practices: donating, volunteering, being of service, fundraising, etc.

There you have it.  EVERY spiritual, metaphysical or occult practice will fall under one of the main paths outlined above.  Once you develop expertise in a practice, you will have mastery in the corresponding path.  

Spiritual Mastery Accelerator Program

The 9 Main Spiritual Paths
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