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What is a Ritual and How Do You Start One?

When most people hear the word ritual they usually think of one of two things; religious ceremony or something dark and demonic. Contrary to popular belief, a ritual simply means practice. With this newfound definition or reinforcement of what you already perceived, the word ritual becomes more personal.

Personal preference and priorities help form our rituals. We tend to repeat or practice what we either feel we’re supposed to do based on societal morals (work, pay taxes), need to (eat, breath) or want & desire (smoking, sex). There is no judgement on what is right or wrong. The takeaway message is that there are about three main reasons why we choose to ritualize something.

To show and prove how we all are subconsciously doing rituals on a daily basis, let’s look at some examples. Here are a list of things that people repeat based on needs, wants, and societal standards:

  • teeth brushing
  • bathing
  • doctor checkups
  • vacationing 
  • going to church
  • donating to causes
  • exercising 
  • driving
  • talking
  • blinking eyes
  • nail biting
  • cracking knuckles
Every entry listed can be considered a ritual. Why? Because it is something that is repeated.

One of the primary ways we accept a ritual into our lives is when we do not question why we’re doing it. If you have a car, you are not going to question how you’re going to get to work. On top of that, if you feel like you have to work to pay bills, you are not going to question why you should even go to work.

Rituals work best when the Ego is not questioning it. There is Universal power through acceptance and repetition. The questioning aspect of ourselves prevent many blessings from being received. Many times it’s the questioning and resistance that prevents us from DOING. Once again, view the list of rituals and see all the things most people do without given a second thought.
Repetition or rituals overtime form our habits. A popular acceptance is that it takes 21-days for something to become a habit. Regardless of how long it takes we know that eventually what you do repeatedly will become a part of your being; it will be what defines your existence. What you think, you become; what you do, you are.

What you think; you become.  What you do; you are.

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When you become habitual to habits that form rituals for self-empowerment, you automatically become a better person. Why is your self-esteem higher when you have a workout regimen and healthy eating habits? Why do you feel more spiritual when you regularly meditate or practice stillness and quiet? Do you feel closer to the Creator when you pray daily? These results of enrichment all derived from a ritual or practice of doing something over and over.
To summarize, the more beneficial and productive practices you implement in your life, the better you will be and feel. To the contrary, detrimental habits will mostly leave you feeling incomplete and miserable. At the end of the day, you are growing or decaying. The choice is yours.

MANTRA (Chant for at least 5 minutes)

“I repeat what works, leave the rest behind

My positive habits stay on my mind

My will is strong, my heart is pure

Empowering myself is not a chore”

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How to Start a Ritual

This exercise is all about action! You’re going to pick something that you can begin to do immediately. Keep in mind to begin small. The catalyst to growth is just starting. The sooner you start, the quicker you will form a positive ritual.

Along with starting slow but still starting, the next important key is consistency. The definition of ritual is habit and habits must be done consistently. Schedule a regular day to DO what you dedicate yourself to. You have to decide if you want to do your new ritual daily, weekly, monthly or any other REGULAR day and/or time. Be honest with yourself as to what you are truly capable of achieving and start there.

Beginning something + Repetition = Ritual

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Rituals you can begin doing today:

- Meditate for 5 minutes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Simply close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nostrils, filling the air in your abdomen, hold for a few seconds, then exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat for 5 minutes. Read: Easy Meditation Tips for Beginners

- Do a Yoga session once a week. You can order a yoga dvd on Amazon or any popular retail website. There are also videos on Youtube. Simply watch and do the best you can. With practice you will have a beneficial ritual.

- Refrain from cursing Monday thru Friday. If you do curse, put money (1-5 dollars) in a cup or can. Donate to a worthy cause at the end of the week.

- Say a small morning prayer. Before you get out of bed say “Give thanks for another day to learn, grow, and become more enlightened.” This is a way to program your day for growth opportunities. Repeat every morning and see how your life changes. Learn: The Miracle Prayer aka Ana Bekoach

These were simple examples that you can begin today. The same voice that talks us out of beginning things can be the same one to convince you to move! Get started!

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What is a Ritual and How Do You Start One?
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