I will teach you how to be a published author within 28 days!  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! 

The Get Booked LIVE Online Course was designed to take you from no book to being published in 28 days!  By the end of the Course you will have your first book published REGARDLESS OF YOUR CURRENT SKILL LEVEL.

Have you thought about writing a book?  The fact is EVERY person has at least one book in them.  You may not think you're qualified in a subject or lack technical skills​ BUT...you still have thoughts of writing a book.  That's because you do not need anything but an idea.  This Course will help you turn your idea into a book in 28 days!

​My first book, Deity Linkage Manual: How to Find Your Gods & Goddesses Using Numerology, began as an idea.  In less than a week, it was a book.  A few months later it was a #1 Bestseller on Amazon (see image below)!  I will teach you everything I did to write, publish and promote my first book that ANYONE can duplicate! 

  • NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!  I will teach you everything you need to know.
  • NO TECHNICAL SKILLS NEEDED!  You do NOT need to be computer savvy or mechanically-inclined.
  • NO HUGE BUDGET NEEDED!  You will learn how to publish a book even if you a shoestring budget or low income!
  • NO FOLLOWING OR AUDIENCE NEEDED!  There is a a market for YOUR BOOK.  I will teach you how to make yourself EASY TO FIND!

The Get Booked Online Course will help you become a published author in as little as 28 days!  If you have an idea then you have a book!  The Get Booked Course turns IDEAS INTO BOOKS!

The Get Booked Online Course covers in detail:

  • Time Management issues and challenges
  • Cost of publishing a book and how to save money
  • Book length (pages)
  • Maximizing earning potential and royalties ($$$)
  • Book pricing strategies
  • Proofreading, Editing, Illustrations, Graphics and other Resources
  • Creative Writing techniques to help materialize your idea(s)
  • Easy Promoting and Marketing 
  • Accountability, Support, Getting Ranked on Amazon and MORE!

You will receive:

  • A Recording of EACH Class!  Even if you can't make the Live session, you STILL GET THE INFORMATION!
  • PDF Handouts and Slides from each class. You will have EVERYTHING you need to be published.  Guaranteed!  
  • Timeline and Accountability.  You will have a schedule to publish a book that best fits your current lifestyle.  I will teach you how to be published in 28 days or less!
  • Ongoing Support.  Have questions or need help after the Course?  You will have access to my expertise beyond the four weeks.
Eliah Wells (EliahWells.com)Bestselling Author "Let God Out"

Around the time I was about to publish my book I began seeking out experts who could help me become a bestseller on Amazon. I knew there was a formula after reading several articles and speaking with one of my mentors. However, the first person I was referred to was very pricey(over $2,400!). She said her team would complete the whole process to get my book to bestseller - which meant I really wouldn't learn how to do it. I definitely was not comfortable with the price and I didn't like not knowing what they did to get the results.

The next day, a very synchronistic event happened, I was speaking with S. Ali Myers and he informed me that he wrote an Amazon bestseller and would be willing to do a consultation with me for a price that was such a deal I almost couldn't believe it. I didn't want him to change his mind so I paid immediately. And man did Ali deliver! He laid out a very thorough, step-by-step process to become a best seller. I feel very grateful & fortunate to say it worked! The first week of my launch, my book Let God Out went to bestseller status. If you are looking for coaching on how to become a bestselling author on Amazon, Ali's writing workshop will get you there! On top of that, you are not going to find anyone who will give you such a valuable service at such a reasonable price. Do yourself a favor - save time & money, learn an invaluable skill set, and work with S. Ali Myers to take your book to Amazon Bestseller status.

The Get Booked Online Course last for 4 WEEKS.  One Class per Week.  Here is the Outline for each Week/Class:

The Get Booked Online Course is structured to take you from no book to being published in 28 days.  The class schedule is made to build on the previous week.  Follow the schedule and you will have a book when we're done!






When: The Course is 4 weeks.  Each Class is on Wednesday at 8PM (EST) for 2 Hours.

Dates: June 14, June 21, June 28 & July 5 (2017)

Remember: Each class is recorded.  You do NOT have to be present.​

Where: Online (GotoMeeting) - all you need is internet access.  GotoMeeting even has a smartphone app.​  Please have a mic to interact in class.

Total investment for the 4-week Get Booked Course is ONLY $702.   Follow everything taught in the Course and you will get your investment back & much more!  There are 3 payment options below.  Choose the one that best fits your budget.

The $198 deposit (options 1 & 2) secures your spot.  The remaining balance is automatically debited as agreed upon.

The Get Booked Online Course begins Wednesday, June 14, 2017.  SECURE YOUR SPOT ASAP.  Must register by Tuesday, June 13, 2017 or before spots fill up (LIMITED SPACE).

Absolutely NO REFUNDS.  Please make sure you are serious and ready to get started.

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