The Master Student Program was designed to accelerate spiritual growth with tangible results!  By the end of the Program, you will be regularly meditating, praying, sun or candle gazing and doing magic & altar work for prosperity and well-being.  You will also have applicable information for transformation. Basically, follow the program and evolve!

Lack of guidance is a challenge for many people on the path.  I will teach, guide and hold you accountable along with your other Program peers.  Guidance + Support System = Growth.

The goal of the Master Student Program is to equip you with pertinent knowledge to elevate your consciousness and spiritual practices to ensure transformation.​  This Program is perfect for beginners or anyone who needs structure for spiritual growth.

You will gain:

  • ​clear and easy-to-follow guidance from a Master Teacher
  • support and accountability from teacher and peers
  • a genuine knowledge of self on a deeper level
  • real spiritual practices with tangible benefits
  • tools and techniques to overcome any obstacles
  • more insight into your purpose and gifts
  • clarity and confidence
  • access to higher parts of yourself
  • _____________ (fill in the's YOUR story)

The Master Student Program will help you get from where you are to where you want to be. You will receive Effective Practices, Guidance, Support and Accountability to ensure Spiritual Growth & Evolution.  

After the Program, you will be regularly practicing and have in-depth knowledge on:

  • Meditation
  • Altar Work or Sacred Space
  • Solar / Candle Gazing 
  • Prosperity Ritual
  • Miracle Prayer aka Ana Bekoach
  • Universal Laws & Chakras

The Master Student Program is for souls who want to really evolve.  This is NOT a lecture series of regurgitated information.  This Program is about ACTION and PRACTICE.  This Program is for DOERS not talkers!

​This is a "bootcamp" style Program.  You will learn everything you need to know and then put it in to practice.  With the support of your fellow students and guidance from me, you will grow exponentially!

In a few short weeks, I am doing things that I never thought were possible before taking this class. My growth has far exceeded my expectations and this program was well worth the investment. What I love about this program is it doesn’t matter if your are a beginner or novice there is something for everyone to learn and he keeps it simple. If you are looking for structure, discipline, and ready to take your Spiritual growth to the next level, I highly recommend taking the Master Student Program. Thank you S. Ali Myers my life is forever changed.

Wynette H. / Atlanta, GA

Master Student Program Features:​

  • Live Online Classes with video, mic and chat every Saturday @ 1PM (EST).  Will be recorded in case you can't make it.
  • Live Q&A every Tuesday & Thursday.  Different days and times to accommodate most schedules.  Will also be recorded in case you're absent.
  • Private Facebook Group for support and accountability.  This is just for the students of the Program.
  • Challenges & Prizes!
  • FREE Meditation MP3, Prosperity Ritual, PDF handouts and Slides from Classes
  • Discounts on Consultations and Events (online workshops).  Any services or workshops you sign up for during the 9 weeks, you will receive a 20% discount!
  • 25% off at EL9SHOP.COM!  All students will receive a one-time use code for 25% off!
  • Priority email and message response.  All students will receive prioritized responses from me via email and FB Messenger.
  • Flexible and affordable payment options.  The Program offers various payment options to accommodate most budgets.  Don't let price be an obstacle!

Master Student Program Schedule for the 9 Weeks:

Every Saturday @ 1PM (EST) - Live Online Class (recorded)

Every Tuesday @ 9AM (EST): Live Q&A

Every Thursday @ 9PM (EST): Live Q&A

Classes are recorded and made available to Students.  You do NOT have to be present.

Total investment for the 9-week Master Student Program is $585.   There are 3 payment options below.  Choose the one that best fits your budget.

The $45 deposit (options 1 & 2) secures your spot.  The remaining balance is automatically debited as agreed upon.

The next cycle of the Master Student Program begins Saturday, August 5, 2017.  Secure your spot ASAP.  Must register by Friday, August 4, 2017 or before spots fill up (LIMITED SPACE).

Absolutely NO REFUNDS.  Please make sure you are serious and ready to get started.

Ready to get started?  

Subscribe to the option that best fits your budget.  Each option gets you in the Program regardless of when you subscribe.  All transactions are processed securely through PayPal.  Please contact us for other payment arrangements.

You do NOT need a PayPal account.  After you click Subscribe or Buy Now you will be taken to PayPal.  Click "No PayPal account? Pay using your credit or debit card" to complete your investment.

 Option #1 - $45 deposit today to secure your spot.  Then $180 every 2 weeks (3 automatic payments). 

 Option #2 - $45 deposit today to secure your spot.  Then $60 per week for 9 weeks (automatically debited).

 Option #3 - Pay full investment of $585.  Bonus for Option #3: Receive a FREE 30-minute consultation with Ali.

What previous Master Students are saying...

This class exceeded my expectations. It helped increase my spirituality. I learned to use my spiritual practices along with everyday things. I am now able to look at myself at a deeper level and the class provided me with the tools to work on any issues.

Before taking the class, I deactivated my altar. Now my altar is more powerful than it has ever been The power of my altar has given me confirmation several times. I learned some important jewels on practicing magic and staying focused.I also learned more effective ways to pray and meditate daily.

This class has given me the jewels and the confidence I needed to set future goals for my spirituality and possible business ideas. We were held accountable for our daily spiritual work. After a while, it became a natural part of the flow of my day. I would naturally do it without thinking of it instead of looking at it like a task or chore.

S. Ali Myers is an excellent teacher that has the ability to teach you in a manner in which you would understand. He used real life situations as an example to teach highly spiritual lessons. He is cool, laidback, and nonjudgmental. He provides feedback and criticism from a place of love and pure honesty. I highly recommended this class to anyone looking for spiritual guidance and accountability.

Jazmine Bell / Cincinnati, OH

The 9 week master student class was absolutely fantastic. Ali is a expert at what he does. I Learn so much about myself that I did not know. Thank you so much Ali.

Cesar Arzu / New York

First, I would like to say how this program really provided a core foundation for me in regards to spiritual work. Starting from how to build an altar to learning and implementing magick so that I could have my own personal experience. S. Ali Myers has been an excellent teacher and guide to me throughout the whole class who really makes you stop and really take an inventory of yourself. I have really appreciated his raw approach in which pushed me to always go higher.

Since taking the master class I am now able to recite the ana bekoach miracle prayer, connect with my ancestors and deities at my altar on a daily basis, have a clear understanding of candle magick and how to make a petition to the gods and ancestors as well as different forms of meditation.

I would also like to share that I have had many spiritual breakthroughs during the class this is how I know it works because I had my own personal experience with it and I've seen major changes and shifts within myself.I want to encourage anyone if you want to go deeper into your spiritual practice or learn different forms of magick this class will provide that and more.

S. Ali Myers will be a teacher I will never forget. I appreciate his raw, down to earth, no nonsense approach. I am highly honored to be a part of the first master student program, and I extend high honors to my master teacher for bringing this program to us all.

Peace Love and always Light!

Sage Eden / New Jersey

The Master Student Program was the best move I've made. I've been rocking with the fam for 2 yrs and all that I've learned has been love and enlightenment. I don't care what you think you know where you are at this class will upgrade you. I was so super nervous about this class worried about feeling stupid or saying the wrong thing and I did but it's was OK because that's what this class is about learning that everything is mental and and can change it with a thought. And not even to mention what I've learned about the universal laws, the chakra system and myself.  S.Ali Myers did his thing making this class so easy under & over stand. Thank you Sir

Sherrika Williams / Virginia

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