The 3rd eye or Ajna Chakra is considered the primary energy center attributed to many psychic and intuitive abilities.  It is a scientific fact that advanced meditation practitioners have a larger pineal gland. The Psychic Development Workshop will equip you with knowledge, tools, and practices that will stimulate the 3rd eye and increase dormant intuitive powers.

A heightened sense of intuition provides you with an abundant amount of spiritual information. Information bombards us constantly but, the ego or conscious mind blocks out subtle energy quite effectively.  This workshop will help you to become more AWARE on physical, spiritual, and emotional​ levels.

The ability to block out the ego, bias, and conscious chatter, has helped me assist 100's of people in my spiritual advising practice.  There's a noticeable difference in not being "tapped" in and being "tapped" in when it relates to helping people.  The Psychic Development Workshop will provide you with enough information and know-how to get "plugged" in!

As a beginner student of metaphysical principles and practices, this class laid out the foundations to help me overstand what I needed to do to increase my intuitive/psychic abilities. It's broken down in the most simplest basic way that ANYONE at ANY Level can grasp and comprehend. The class was extremely informative and interactive. I highly recommend it to beginners and/or anyone struggling with road blocks in their spiritual growth. What I spent on this class was nothing in comparison to the amount of Jewels I received. It was well worth every penny and then some. I look forward to taking more classes from you. As always, you have once again exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

Amanda Broussard 
Lafayette, LA                 

You will Learn:

  • How to MEDITATE to increase intuition 
  • Advance SCRYING techniques
  • PINEAL GLAND nutrition 
  • DREAM work and intuition 
  • HERBS to improve 3rd eye activity
  • CRYSTALS for psychics
  • How to differentiate between your ego and Spirit
  • How to increase signs, synchronicities, downloads & MORE!

The Psychic Development Workshop provides a physical, mental & spiritual approach to increase intuition and psychic abilities

When: Thursday, June 22 | 7-9 PM (EST)

Where: Online.  All you need is internet access.  Can use smartphone.​

You will receive a recording of the Workshop​ along with all the slides in case you can't make it live!

Must register by Wednesday, June 21, 2017

One time LOW INVESTMENT of $45

Absolutely NO REFUNDS.  Please make sure you are able to attend and have internet access.

Testimonials from Previous Attendees 


Thank you for the very wonderful workshop! If you are like me a beginner in spiritual work but are really interested and want to empower yourself to take the next step in your spiritual development never hesitate to take this workshop by S. Ali Myers. It is informative, practical and full of techniques you can use right away. I really appreciate the meaningful work and the attentiveness to the class. Peace and love from Sweden,

One love! I appreciate your time and effort very good yesterday teacher Ali.​


Peace Ali,

I found the workshop to be very insightful and I'm grateful for your time, energy, and honesty. I'm excited to do the work and see what manifests. I had never had an understanding in particular of scrying so I am going to put that into practice asap. I loved how interactive it was and how much you allowed for questions. I do want to do a personal reading in the near future. Nickisha and I will also be joining you guys at the Mound next weekend. I know I seemed timid but right now I feel like I'm in student mode just trying to soak everything up. I've really appreciated how much I've learned from you already and still I know these last few months are just me scratching the surface. Thank you so much for offering this workshop I'll be putting in a new order by next week to obtain a crystal ball and quite a few of the herbs you listed. I also appreciate your honesty on my question is very much on point and something I will investigate further with in myself.

Peace love and light,

AyLaina Masala 

Thank you for a wonderful class. I learned a lot of great and valuable information. You showed me techniques and gave great advice on how to develop my gift. The information was very detailed and very easy to understand. You encouraged class participation and made the environment very welcoming and comfortable. I look forward to taking more classes. Peace, Love, and Light

Jazmine Bell 

The Psychic Development Workshop was packed full of gems! It was very informative and provided enough information to inspire further research and personal evolution. My childhood friend happened to be visiting me at the time and listened into the workshop. She expressed so much gratitude for being able to listen in and learn so much. She was excited to learn more on her own and said this workshop was just what she needed, having recently "woken up." I would recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to overstand how to tune in more to spirit.

Stacey S. 
Fulton, MD                 

The class was very informative. It was well organized and structured. I feel my knowledge increased after taking this class. Definitely upped my intuitive skills.

Ovia Foreman 
Edmond, OK                 

Bro. Ali, It was a great class I was able to confirm what I have been practicing and learned a new perspective on engaging Spirit. I enjoyed the class because your teaching style was down-to-earth, clear and to the point. Thank you for providing a space to get information to elevate our soul. Peace and Blessing

Myk EL 
Philadelphia, PA                 

First of all, this was my first time to attend your meeting.  I found it very professionally organized and your teachings were straight to the point.  I learned a lot from that meeting and it was an exciting moment for me and good experience to be with people who are on the same spiritual path as me.  Another thing I would say is that your teaching was practical, that makes it easier for us to take it from there.  Peace and Harmony.

Queen M 
Toronto Canada                

Greetings Brother Ali.  This was the first psychic workshop I ever attended.  I knew it would be a wonderful one because, in my opinion, you tell it like it is and you are to the point as well as always on point.  Since I discovered you on the BeverlyD Show on Blogtalkradio as a guest, many months ago, I began listening to the archives on your show. Again, I enjoyed the workshop immensely.  Ase O.

Adwoa Gyaa Asante