Tehuti Numerology Online Course

  • Learn the system of Numerology that was used in the #1 Bestselling book, Deity Linkage Manual: How to Find Your Gods & Goddesses Using Numerology!
  • Read anyone's Numerology chart easily!
  • Gain clear insight into your strengths, challenges, purpose, gifts, talents and personality traits
  • Receive certification from S. Ali Myers qualifying you as a Numerologist

Tehuti NuMe is a system of Numerology that combines numbers with the Law of Correspondence. Incorporating a holistic view on numbers, the Tehuti NuMe system is very powerful and extremely accurate. 

I have been using the Tehuti NuMe system for years during consultations and anytime I want to get insight into anyone or, any thing.  You will have the ability to do the same; know about any person, place, or thing based on names and/or dates.​

  • Learn how to get a complete Numerology chart
  • Learn how to read anyone's numbers especially yours
  • Learn all number correspondences and how to apply them to get accurate meanings and interpretations 
  • Learn magickal uses for numbers including rituals, deities, crystals, prosperity and more
  • Receive PDFs and Cheat Sheets with number meanings, correspondences, charts, directions and more
  • * Receive a certificate from Ali qualifying you as a Numerologist  (not accredited)

* You must pass a test to qualify for certification.  All information and resources are supplied in the course.

Testimonial from Former Tehuti NuMe Student

Of the formal numerological trainings I’ve experienced, Tehuti NuMe resonates with me the most. This course provided me with best of both worlds (Chaldean and Pythagorean). I’ve affirmed Tehuti NuMe as the standard for my practice as an aspiring numerologist. If you desire a strong foundation in highly effective numerology divination, then Tehuti NuMe is for you! Thanks bruddah, Ali, you’re a great teacher…

X Rand 

​The course is 4 weeks, we meet once each week in an online format.  Each class is 2 hours long.  All you need is an internet connection and mic or headset (cam optional).  You must be present in class. Absences disqualify you for certification.

​This is a LIVE ONLINE Course

This Next Course begins: Thursday, July 6, 2017

Upcoming Course Schedule​

When: Every Thursday starting July 6, 2017 for 4 weeks | 7-9 PM (EST) 

Thursday, July 6 | 7-9 PM (EST)

Thursday, July 13 | 7-9 PM (EST)

Thursday, July 20 | 7-9 PM (EST)

Thursday, July 27 | 7-9 PM (EST)

The total course which includes access to all four classes, PDFs and certificate is $225

You can pay a non-refundable deposit now ($99) to ensure your spot and the remainder ($126) before the first class.  Contact us to make other payment arrangements.

Each Course cycle is limited to 9 students to ensure personal attention.  Guarantee your spot ASAP!​

Must register by: TBA


​Everyone who invests in this Course will receive a FREE recording of each Class!​ Even if you can't make it live, you will still receive everything so you can get started!

Absolutely NO REFUNDS. Please make sure you are able to attend and have internet access.

Testimonials from Past Students

I love Tehuti Numerology! I went from knowing very little about numbers to being able to compile and read a full numerology chart. And boy, do numbers speak volumes!!! Ali's straightforward information and tools are genius. Everyone can benefit from this knowledge. Thank you Ali!

Nickisha N. Nahdee 

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear” is by far one of the most prominent and beneficial phrases I’ve heard in the conscious community. S. Ali Myers is truly a Master Teacher in his own way. The Universe gives you the right teacher you need and I don’t know if there is anyone else that breaks things down the way he does to make you overstand. Within the last 5 months I have taken several of his workshops and classes and the Tehuti Nu-Me class was definitely a game changer. You are given the most important tips, tools and concepts you will need in the classroom and once applied with practice; you too can become a numerologist. Thank you S. Ali, I look forward to more classes in the future.

Wynette H. 
Atlanta, GA

This was a great class! I’ve always had a fascination with numbers, but this course has helped me to overstand their language from an intuitive point of view. I’m so grateful to have found Tehuti NuMe .Thank you so much S. Ali for your contribution to our growth. Peace & Blessings


HIGHLY recommend the Tehuti NuMe course to anyone interested in numerology. For beginners, this is a fantastic place to start, Ali breaks it all down and builds from the ground up. For those who have already been studying numbers, trust me, this class WILL get you to the next level...FOR REAL...Ali drops straight up spiraling jewels, it's more than just #s yo the God goes IN. Changed the game as usual, and definitely changed my life. Greatly appreciate you Bro Ali. Looking forward to Pt 2

San Diego, CA

I gained a valuable tool in learning the Tehuti NuMe numerology system for working with my clients. Ali’s presentation of the course material was very clear and the exercises were great for the hands-on experience. I loved taking the course and would recommend it to anyone who has a desire to learn numerology.

Rosa L. Watson, M. Ed, Priestess 
Harrisburg, PA

I am so happy and grateful that I followed my gut and took the class with Ali. Although I came into the class with some background in numerology, the course took me to a new level. Ali made sure that we understood/innerstood the new concepts and we were always engaged in the class. I highly recommend the class for those who want to use the certification to grow/enhance their knowledge of correspondences in their own personal magic and/or to enhance their service business!

South Carolina

Tehuti NuMe has opened me up to the energy of numbers and how they connect to everything and everyone around me. I really didn't know what to expect though, but I'm very pleased with my experience. Ali's simplistic style of teaching makes learning fun and left me wanting an encore class. I really appreciate that Tehuti NuMe stimulates the mental, but ultimately exercises the intuition. I look forward to Tehuti NuMe Level 2!

V. Edge
Atlanta, Georgia

I have to say, I never thought I could grasp the concept of Numerology in 5 short weeks. I've always been good at math so that led me to numerology. Now that I understand numerology, math is 1% of it. Tehuti NuMe is more of a feeling based numerical system. I love how the numbers resonates with with key words that help you develop a relationship with the numbers. I have a new found understanding of numbers and reality. Every chart that i've done has been spot on. Numbers don't lie. I once believed that you create your own destiny. Now I overstand that through Tehuti NuMe life is more about mastering your god given talents first and that will lead to mastering all areas of your life. I enjoyed this class and what iv'e learned. I'm honored to forever be in the first Class of The Tehuti Nume Numerology class. I guess the universe doesn't lie. By being the 1st, I'm compelled to lead and teach what I've learned in time.

Christopher E. Huffman 
Cincinnati, Ohio

Loved this class. Learned so much. I find myself reading people

and numbers all day long. I always had a love for numbers, but now the

love is stronger because I understand numbers inside and out. It has

also helped me with my intuition as I find myself reading people

before I even put a chart together. This class has helped me in more

ways than I can begin to express. Even though the workload was heavy

Ali has a way of delivering information that resonates with the soul.

Peace and Love.

D'Vine Queen 
Cincinnati, Ohio

I’m very proud to have taken this course with S. Ali Myers! I can’t wait to learn more from the Great Master. Peace and Love Family!

Adrienne B.